Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spice Up Your Home This Winter with These Mini Projects

The holidays are over and hopefully your home is free from holiday decoration and debris. With temperatures dropping outdoors, now is the perfect time to pick up some mini projects to brighten the inside of your home and create a new feel for the new year.

Explore your crafting side: If you're snowed in with nothing to do, pick up that arts and crafts project you've been procrastinating on forever. Make a collage for your bedroom or living room, or maybe paint an old lamp or vase. Artistic expression gives your home a unique look and provides you with a fun activity that will also be quite productive.

Bring the essence of the outdoors, indoors: Just because it's cold and dreary outside doesn't mean you can't be thinking spring. Buy and frame an inexpensive poster that reminds you of your favorite season. You can also go to a florist and pick up your favorite flower or plant. Anything you can do to bring light, color and feelings of warmth inside will be beneficial for your mental state throughout the long, cold winter.

Brighten the scene: Check all of the light bulbs in the house to make sure they're all working. With the sun setting much earlier, you need all of the light you can get at night. Consider replacing your light fixtures for a more modern look. There are plenty of directions to take a lighting project in. Speak to an electrician or lighting professional if you really want to change the lighting in your home.

Repaint a room during the rare warmer days: If the temperature permits, consider repainting a room in your house to give it a fresh look. Wait for a warm day, so that you can properly ventilate the house, then go at it. New colors work great to brighten rooms and lift spirits, or if you are the artistic type, paint a design or painting on one portion of a wall. Painting is the perfect do-it-yourself project, and weather permitting, is the perfect winter task to take on.

With a little creativity, you can brighten up your home and give it new life for the season. By the time spring has sprung, your home will be prepared with a warm, fresh feel.

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